What to Expect on Sunday

Sometimes, we know it's nice to know what you're walking into. 

At Lake Cities, you'll find...

  • People Who Care

    Lake Cities is characterized by being welcoming and friendly. We would love to get to know you and there is always space for more friends to join our family here. Have kids? Great! Single? Super. Have a past you're not excited about? We get it. Figuring out how this Christian life thing works? We're there. Just checking out if the Bible has anything to say to you? Listen in. Wherever you are in life, we have folks that can empathize, encourage and educate. We are excited to see what God has for us as you join in! The vibe here is casual, so you may dress any way you feel comfortable. 

  • Practical Teaching That is Grounded in Truth

    Lake Cities addresses the real issues of life, without compromising the truths found in the Bible. We are flexible on "gray issues" that aren't spelled out in Scripture, but for issues the Bible is clear on, we stand firm. We aim to make all of our teaching accessible and understandable. In order to do this, we use the New Living Translation of the Bible for most of our up-front teaching. 

  • Engaging Worship

    At Lake Cities, you'll find a passionate worship team that will lead you in new and familiar songs that will inspire you to meet with God through music, prayer and Scripture reading. Want to stick your hands in the air? You go for it. Come from a more reserved background and want to just stand quietly? Do it. No pressure from us one way or the other. We're good with you expressing yourself to God in a way that feels personal and appropriate to you. 

  • Weekly Communion

    Although an uncommon practice these days, we celebrate communion every week.  We have an "open table," which means that if you have trusted Christ as your Savior, you are welcome to participate with us. Just pick up your individual supplies at the door of the auditorium and we'll give you instructions when we reach that part of our worship service (after the teaching time). 

Where to Find Us



(Right across from Keeley Elementary)